Something's beginning.

She has lost all hope.

Let's stay calm and think this through carefully.

The group hired a guide to lead the hike.

I never speak poorly of anyone.

It's the biggest building in the city.


We'll not tell you a thing.

Brendan made peace with Hiroyuki.

I don't give second chances.


Per lied to Monty and she knows it.

Do I need to go to the dentist's?

They say that that drug is not safe.

Ah, so!

Daniel doesn't look all that happy.

This has been a good day, right?

He sat down to read a novel.

He's still underage.

Lucifer fell flat on his face.

Jesper and her mom live in a very old apartment.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.

I got one for us.

Neal has trouble getting along with other people.


I know that you have issues with your mom.

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How do you think you're doing?

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I can't walk.

I almost couldn't believe it.

There's always a first time.


My sister often takes care of the baby.

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I'd like to talk to him alone.

We were just about to knock.

I don't know if I should be telling you this.


Lorien has just had a heart attack.


He wrote the story about the things that happened before he lived.


Deal the cards, Kamiya.


Alexander told me he was going to the hospital to visit his father.


Warren is persuasive.


There's nothing we can do now.


Is there anything else I should know about?

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Do you want me to help you or not?


Marcel did his best to explain what had happened.

Don't ask where that turkey baster's been.

After the fire, only ash was left.

My mother has gone shopping.

I can teach you how to worship God.


Send me a message or give me a call if you're interested.


I told Lum I'd have to think about it.

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How're you doing at home?


Can you believe this stuff?

Hi, I'm special agent Walter from the FBI.

I thought Clem had left town.

What time does the concert start?

I won't disappoint you.


Years ago this principle was widely recognized.

Nothing is free.

I am online.


Why are you constantly changing flags?


Fasten your seatbelts.


Pilar should ask Vladimir how to do it.

Guilin's sceneries are the most beautiful ones under the heaven.

Lois couldn't keep up with the rest of the class.


It's more than we could have hoped for.

Carlos looks like a clever boy.

I'm sure that better times are on the way.

I'm feeling a bit stiff.

Children are our future.

He would have succeeded.

The world needs to change its thinking and behavior, especially in the developed nations.


Nobody had anything else to say.

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He cannot stop them.

I remember when I used to go there.

She didn't intend to hurt you.

I thought you might need it.

I want to go overseas.

What would you do if you were in Randolph's place?

She kept dancing at the disco all night.


The boy threw a stone at the dog.

We didn't give Heinz a choice.

Suwandi is my lawyer.

What are we going to do today?

Convenience stores and supermarkets can sell medicine since 2009.

The band has just finished their first set.

They share their same beliefs.


I need space.

My special talent is that I can form a friendship at any time, anywhere, and with anyone.

I enjoyed myself.

Lenny's in the habit of constantly finding fault with everything Erick does.

She felled an oak.

Is Kiki still living?

You didn't have to do it.


They fly south from the arctic region.

The dog was in the box under the table.

Such behavior may bring about an accident.

I wonder if Nigel got the hint.

This is what they have in common with other peoples.

Pia denied that he had done what he was accused of doing.

Hurf wouldn't leave without telling us.

Your elder brother is doing his homework, you can only play!

They always go skiing in the winter.

When did the Thirty Years' War take place?

Neither a borrower nor a lender be!


No, not me, but you!


I agree with him on this.

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The cake is a lie.

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She plays tennis very well.

You can't be busy all the time.

He took an oral examination.

It should have been done before now. The problem seems to get bigger every day.

I'll buy a gift for him.

Why is your head blue?

Are you still going to go out with Marla?


What can I tell Santa that he doesn't already know?

Gerard already knows a lot.

I'll look into the matter.

Dani and his friends painted the barn.

I could hear doors slamming.

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I'm interested in that house you've got for rent on Park Street.

I like it already, thank you very much.

He just won't listen. Talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.

I didn't know anyone else was awake.

I'm still going to talk to him.

I wish I could think of a good excuse not to go.

Time is up.

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That's water under the bridge.

Beer is the answer, but I don't remember what was the question!

We were going to try that.

Do you still plan to go to Vilhelm's party?

That plan of yours is good, I think.


In our class, there is no child more diligent than Jack.

Dr. Hawking was diagnosed with Ameliotrophic Lateral Sclerosis while at Oxford.

Damone took some money out of his pocket.

Roger promised to take me away from here.


He went so far as to say that I was coward.

Darwin changed the world.

I sit down crosslegged where Aoi points.

Why would I kill your dog?

Clarence broke his promise and didn't help Hsi.

Aaron watched very closely, but couldn't figure out the magician's trick.


Quit joking around.

Are you getting bored?

I've had time to practice.

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This is a such good student.

Don't get too close.

Live your life your way, not according to the instructions of others.

Success breeds success.

That's so tragic.

Oh, the streetlights have turned on.

I've gotta go to the bathroom.

You still don't understand.

These athletes are putting their health at risk by using steroids.


I love her eyes.

He stood up and reached for his hat.

He had three sons, who all became doctors.

The man crossing the street saw the driver who caused the accident.

I paid no less than a hundred dollars for this pen.

At the age of 77 his lungs were affected by years of smoking.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Farragut captured New Orleans without a fight.

My hobby is learning languages.