Have you paid all the bills?

He woke up starving; but after getting outside a substantial breakfast, he felt splendid.

Thank you for giving me something to eat. I was really hungry.

Do you have any idea what's in the box?

You'll be dead someday.

We need someone to help us.


I had to get away from Catherine.

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What kind of funeral do you want?

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That kind of dress is now in fashion.

Just give me one good reason.

The situation was Kafkaesque.

Marcos doesn't know I still have this.

Stay away from Ahmet's house.

Randal plans to move.

We need to stop them.

Dan claimed that Linda was the reason for his unhappiness.

Let me write down the directions for you.

Make certain where the emergency exit is before you go to bed at a hotel.

How much is that computer?


I felled one.


Sandy wasn't the one who killed Jacques.

Belinda knows we aren't busy.

Dawson never wanted you here.

Muiriel is very good at telling invented stories.

Ahmed walked in.

She waved goodbye to him.

We pitched our tent in the shade of a large tree.

Micheal has been most than generous.

Skin shouldn't be exposed to sunlight for too long.

Devon didn't have any cash on him.

Can you tell me what you have?


I found a good Mexican restaurant.

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Stan is getting upset.


In the English world of the 19th century, it was often said that masturbation would lead to a loss of memory and attention.

Leo waited thirty minutes.

Wow, you're good.


Next time bring me that book without fail!


These clothes of mine are out of style.


Can you explain why you don't like Sean?

I heard that he was very rich.

Some people believe that Japan is No.1 in everything.

He left her in town.

There is more in his character than simple honesty.

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He read the book through.


Give me some details.

The plague has devastated entire cities.

They are supposed to obey the orders.


I'm really visual.


After the gym, I drink a glass of milk mixed with powdered protein.

Bob went through many dangers during the war.

I hear it takes time to make friends with the English people.

He has some money in the bank.

If you are in Paris, you can visit the Louvre.

Heather was bitten by a vampire.

The power is out.

He gets on my nerves.

We require much sleep.

She couldn't convince him to give a speech.

I'm trying to protect you.

Siping discussed the details with Alfred.

Can I touch it?

Laurie asked that we be quiet.

Devon made it very clear that we were supposed to help him clean the house.

Blayne certainly got the message.

I think Hon is likely to win.

Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body.

I wonder if that's all right with Frances.

What a feast we had when we visited my aunt!

Norman didn't warn me that this might happen.


Steve did not come home.

The turkey was moist and juicy.

If you want, you can phone me.

I want to stay here.

We won't tell anyone about them.


Bruce doesn't know who Lord wants to give the bottle of wine to.


What happens to me isn't important.

I told you to wait over there.

The ship was on fire.


I don't feel like doing it.

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I have a sweet tooth.

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You don't even like chocolate.


Where are you from anyway?


Every sentence present in Tatoeba is a lie.

I bought an mp3 copy of Debussy's "Clair de Lune" in an online music store.

I didn't know you were such a good cook.

Please advise me which subject I should choose.

I'd rather not ask Dwight to do that.

We call him Mike.

Why did you give Giovanni money?

Barry is a teenager.

Just tell Ranjit not to worry.

You must be Tim Norton.

I wasn't laughing at you.

We'll go over everything again.

You must state the fact as it is.

Excuse me, but could you get me a glass of water?

Archie tried to speak, but no words came out.

Tanya is neutral.

We're not in Boston.

I have the minutes of the meeting.

Add the chopped fruit the next day and let it set for 24 hours.

"K" was originally not included in the Portuguese alphabet; neither were "W" and "Y".

I think it's very likely that they'll arrive next week.


It was pretty shocking.

The miracle writes about a bass.

Where does Wilson stay?

I thought the woman I met yesterday was Barrio's mother.

May I trouble you to shut the window?


I think Nancy is open-minded.

Tyler doesn't know how to explain it.

This building is a capsule hotel lodging men and women.

He's always complaining.

This restaurant is particular about cutlery.

I wish I spoke more French.

Clifford had better hurry if he wants to get home before dark.

I have three tickets for it.

We're all bound to die.

The skyscraper's elevators ascend at an astonishing rate of speed.

Stephanie killed Marci in self-defense.

What more do you want?

We'll allow a 5 percent discount off list prices.

We've been friends for over thirty years.

The police are protecting it.

The article deserves careful study.

Spy will be here by the end of the week.


I'm hung over.

Chet will turn up sooner or later.

People who speak dozens of languages fluently astonish me.

The witch and her daughter carried the weakly Queen into the bath-room, and put her into the bath; then they shut the door and ran away. But in the bath-room they had made a fire of such deadly heat that the beautiful young Queen was soon suffocated.

They won't even talk to me.

I saw the girl.

Don't worry, I won't turn you in to the police.

This road is the only approach to the city.

It's you who should be thanking me.

Show us what you're capable of.

This is so typical.

You'll understand when the time comes.

It's a very big apple.

Carter did a great job tonight.

Fido, do you want a treat?

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In spite of our congratulations, he frowned and turned away.


I have something I need to do.

I have to attend mass.

Robert had always dreamed of becoming a pilot.

It is likely that it will rain.

I don't care which choice you make.

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It being Sunday, the supermarket was very crowded.

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We're all citizens of the world.

Your theory has no scientific basis.

Luis Bonfa is a great musician.

I usually play tennis.

Don't sing along.

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I've been waiting here for him since this morning.


The weather report says it will rain tomorrow afternoon.

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June wasn't the only one who was very hungry.

That sum of money won't make or mar us.

Her friends protected her.

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I don't live in that city.

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You'd think they'd call if they weren't planning on coming.

Show this gentleman the way.

We came in sight of the hill.

Leora wondered if Cathy would wear the necklace he had given her to the party.

Don't you ever have class?

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It is Sunday.