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Retrace your steps and maybe you'll find your keys.

We're trying to restrain them.

I haven't told anyone about us.

Sofoklis died from a scorpion sting.

Yesterday morning he went back to Rotterdam.

Eugene is a chauffeur.

The outlook for our business isn't good.

I get dizzy when I stand up.

Everyone was just sitting around doing nothing.

Don't speak.

None of the other students spoke to me.


Life was not easy in Georgia.

Can you spare me a few minutes?

"Would you mind giving me a lift in your car?" "Not at all."

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Who takes care of you?

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Ragnar is sitting in the first row.

You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Mah is training his dog.

This project is shovel-ready.

I'm kind of dealing with a lot right now.


The thief escaped with my bike.

Christmas is just three weeks away.

I take my hat off to her for her effort.

The fishermen took photos of their catch.

Every single word you say is a lie.


You have to be optimistic.

When we're bored, we play hangman.

We should be there helping her.


We can keep playing as long as we don't make noise.

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She loves to party.

He's not my boyfriend. He's my brother.

Don't waste your money.

Friends are always willing to help each other.

Stick to the facts.


They greeted us with a smile.


Ian had trouble finding his key.

How far away is your school?

She showed me great kindness.

I don't want you looking over my shoulder.

Dolphins use echolocation.

This is not satisfactory.

I have to trust them.

Belarus has been described by former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice as "the last remaining true dictatorship in the heart of Europe".

The president conducted us personally to his office.


You're fine.

They expect some cooperation of you.

In 2003, Niue became the first "Wi-fi" nation in the world.

Clean up the kitchen.

Kimberly can't be here.

I fell asleep with my laptop on.

We should be proud of ourselves.

Can Kusum handle failure?

We must put safety before anything else.

I thought that you didn't smoke.

There is no regular boat service to the island.

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Revised is a bum.

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Butterflies live for three days.

"Will they go on strike again?" "I'm afraid so."

In which city are you?

If you're going to go to France, you should brush up your French.

I'm wishing for that.


Everybody's suspicious.


He was not allowed to enroll in the college.


Where communications fail, so do activities.

It is not easy to speak English.

Do you think Leith will help us?

He pays no attention to the teacher.

I'm not going to fight with you anymore.

Scot doesn't know if Jerome remembers him.

Don't pick your teeth in front of me.

I have an eight-year-old daughter.

I don't see why I had to help.

Do you know whether or not she can speak English?

Dan found five pairs of shoes in the closet.

Phill wouldn't stop badgering me.

Are you a law student?

I'll teach you how to play chess.

Can I have the bill, please?


The dictionary that is on the desk is Marsh's.

It's going to take about three hours.

I'm real sorry about that.


We can forgive, but forgetting, it's impossible.

I wouldn't have worried about that.

He advised her to stop drinking.

The site should be working just fine now.

Is this really our hotel?

I need to borrow some money so I can buy some medicine for Clayton.

I got cut.


Gerard lacks common sense.

They defeated our team by three goals.

Susan gave Bobby some money.

I know you hired me.

Could you explain?

Elliott promised to meet me last night, but he never showed up.

All men are equal according to the law.


You're not in this alone.


What is your home phone number?

I lived in Algiers for over a year.

I've got to get a reference from the University.


Rathnakumar loves playing the piano.

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I thought Nelken was a jerk.

Just give us a minute.

I'd be depressed if that happened again.


Gill is in police custody now.


Have you seen Jun and Cliff today?

It's a risk we're prepared to take.

We ran out of gas on the way there.

That's a difficult question.

You're egotistical.

On New Year's Eve, the trains will run all night.

Why did I buy flowers?! Why are you asking me a question like that? I bought them because I wanted to buy them, ok!

Toufic has just come back.

You should sit with Carsten.

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It's really not that expensive.


Kory cut the cake in half.


We shouldn't give up.

We've spent too much money.

Panacea is dozing on the sofa.

Brendan stole Alf's computer.

That island's population lives on fishing.

It seemed normal.

We hate opera.

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None of these books are useful.

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I'll read you the poem I wrote just now.


Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that.


Nothing like that happened.

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We should appeal to reason instead of resorting to violence.


You'd better be very sure before you accuse him of anything.


Harv lives in a one-bedroom apartment near the train station.


The music stopped.


Were you surprised to see them?

I'm not willing to do that.

I passed on the job to him.

I usually take size eight shoes.

That remark was in very poor taste.


Have you read the "Liaisons Dangereuses"?


The subject is out of his sphere.

I'll do it right away.

You seem to already know the answer.

When did you go there?

Tovah drives a black car, right?


It's just a cartoon.


Do you have someplace to go?


There's a big sign.


We want a solution.

We all need air and water to live.

Why are you protecting them?

He begged her to forgive him.

Kinch is listening to his iPod.

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Why don't we take the subway?

Are you going to record today's episode?

They probably found out about what happened.

Please put me through to Mr. Smith.

I hope you're staying.

My house is on the skirts of the town.

I do know this is my own fault.