Please hurry it up.

I think that he's trying to impress the girl who lives next door.

Are you polite?

Nguyen is never sober.

The salesman claimed the windshield was unbreakable, testing it with a punch that went straight through it.

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I have the French nationality, but I'm from Vietnam.

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Are you seeing a man?

You guys won't believe what happened.

They won't succeed.


I'm not married anymore.

I just hope everything works.

Christine doesn't frequently walk.

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These are the originals.

Work hard, or you'll have to take the same course again next year.

I respect your talent.

After Straka's house was broken into, the police questioned his neighbors.

I was thinking about what Billy said.

He asked me for more money than was necessary.

You didn't actually want to do that, did you?

I argued her out of going skiing.

He died in her arms.

Pilot wondered where Malcolm was planning to go to college.

Written in simple English, this book is suitable for beginners.


Hokkaido lies in the north of Japan.

It takes three hours to get there.

It is how effectively you use the available time that counts.

He run fastest by a long chalk.

Is this the reason you didn't want me to come?


Victoria would like to become a simultaneous interpreter.


Wilson was just trying to be friendly.

We're going to be here all night.

It was clear that Hawking would live longer than was first thought.


They painted their house bright yellow.

It seems that she is not pleased with the job.

I don't want Lucius to make the same mistake I made.

His face reminded me of one of my friends in my senior high school days.

Two people spent the night adrift after their boat capsized in choppy waters.

I can't explain everything now.

Can Bill still be at home?


Arlene said he didn't drink coffee.

It could matter a lot.

I want to talk to Mara alone.

The clown fell down on purpose.

He only wanted guns and ammunition.

You will see, if you look, that those words have an immediate and a much wider context.

The train left at sunrise.

Tell Adlai I'm going out for a drive.

Spring is followed by summer.

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We could tell her that we don't want him to come here.


You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

The action of the story takes place on an island.

I'd have to agree with that.

She would not disclose the secret.

All this was very sad for the poor little duckling.


I'm still mad at Jorge.

I just want to do something fun.

The girl as well as her parents was very sympahtetic.


It was so tense in the meeting, you could have cut the air with a knife.

His voice sounds better than yours.

The doors opened.


Guess what Hartmann will do.

Do you think the request will go through?

Pablo has something to tell everyone.

Grant is not about to give up now.

Ro went on an errand.


Thank you for coming.

The story was full of marvelous happenings.

Does Kusum get many visitors?

We're concerned about that.

Unfortunately, there was no one around.

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Scott did something he didn't want Warren to know about.

The boy was always reckless of danger.

His business is growing rapidly.

I'll buy him a beer.

Why did you let us go?

The butter tasted sour.

Do you have any cheaper ones?

No one could get the better of him in an argument.

The set of prime numbers is countable.

You're really weird.

They were together.

It isn't likely that she will come.

We were only trying to help.

I didn't realize Fay was your father.

It doesn't look like anyone's been in this room for years.


I want a bath.

I had a good laugh at her joke.

Spock eats more food than Tommy does.

I like the unique taste of salted caramel.

Yuri graduated with honors from the Soviet Air Force Academy in 1957.


I don't see anybody else around here.

I have a fear of the dark.

I'm the one who made Collin quit smoking.

The policeman paid no attention to him.

The audience was cheerful.

It was long before I realized her real love.

She's very emotional.

Sally always walks to school if it isn't raining.

Don't let Jay run away.

We've got a long climb ahead of us.

The three batters were struck out quickly.

I want to tell them.

Gold gives an air of beauty even to ugliness: but with poverty everything becomes frightful.

This document must not undergo later modifications.

I don't like arrogant people.

Billie went back to his seat.

My television is broken.


Our yard is large.

I can't stand boiled onions!

We're still working on it.

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I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding.

We'll talk tonight.

He was in good spirits.

"What the hell?! Hark, what have you done?" "Nothing yet. ...No, I have."

You don't know jack.

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You said this was going to happen.


A third cousin is the great-granddaughter of the brother or sister of a great-grandparent.

We'd like to confirm our reservations.

Dani was staring at the ceiling.

The girl wore a light blue kimono.

On June 11, 1948, a V-2 Blossom launched into space from White Sands, New Mexico carrying Albert I, a rhesus monkey.


Put your money where your mouth is.


I got a call from him.

Dan didn't mention Linda's money laundering to the police.

A litter of pigs can have as many as thirteen piglets.

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Sir has acquired a serious opponent - John.


You should avail yourself of enemies.

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When you employ him, you must make allowances for his youth.

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I represented my university at the conference.


We're not afraid of competition.

The new law will bring about important changes in the educational system.

Everybody took his position.

Why did you leave the room?

Cleanliness is next to godliness.


I'm practically already grown up.

She comes from both minorities.

After breakfast, we went for a walk.

There are women to whom we make love, and those, to whom we speak about it.

You are my only resort.


"Hey guys, who will be kind enough to take me to the airport?" "I will!"

Randell thought Rathnakumar looked beautiful.

I don't know how many people there were.

My son is small for his age.

They just padded the report to make it look more impressive.

I have no fever.

Will I get to the station if I take this road?


It is a pity you cannot come.

Do you have any objection?

You got here fast.

Don't be smug! You could have hurt yourself.

I'm not afraid of her anymore.

It is my belief that the important thing is that we should do our best.

Skeeter continued singing.


We can all do better.


They accepted the proposition.

The girl was gazing at the dock.

Jackye is a member of the team.

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.

He spends all his time extolling her virtues.

That's not a locust, that's a grasshopper!

If he's convicted he'll have to pay a fine.

Do you want to work with them?

If there were no air, man could not live even ten minutes.

Boats were racing last night.

What do you say we head over to Ritchey's house?