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Dentist Nogales

A dental crown may be the best way to replace a cracked or chipped tooth. The truth is, if you have issues in your mouth, you have issues with your overall health. Brushing and flossing should be taught to your children at a young age so it becomes a daily habit. When brushing your teeth is not enough, we can do a power teeth cleaning in our office for you. Having your teeth professionally cleaned in our dental office a few times each year will keep your smile working right.

Whitening your teeth can be done every six months when you come for your regular dental checkup. The best thing about clear aligners other than not being seen is that you can eat anything you want when you have them. Make sure you brush and floss, even if you have dentures or dental implants. If your teeth are a little too short, you can have them lengthened just a touch when veneers cover your teeth. A smile makeover can do more than just give you nice looking teeth.

Clearing your teeth and gums from plaque may include a root planing treatment. Using an old toothbrush that has worn out bristles will not help you get the bacteria off your teeth. There are dental treatments that may sound much scarier than they really are. If you have an auto accident and a tooth gets knocked out, call our office for an emergency dental appointment. Taking the infected material out of your tooth root will help you feel good again.