He sent me a letter.

Carl did a nice job there.

How do you know that Darren isn't a native speaker?

Say hello to Straka for me.


Henry is leaving on a trip on Friday.

Polly turned down the job offer.

The actor really played cowboy roles better than any other actor.

Ships can't rival aircraft for speed.

Even if it's your own house, please stop walking around naked.

June announced to Oliver that he would soon have a new brother.

He took out a dollar from his wallet.

You can never catch Felix off guard.

Emily is leaving Paris this morning.


Ricky's jealous.

These days, "the lion's share" usually means "the biggest share"; but not so long ago, it meant "all of it."

Do you really want me to buy this for you?


I believe you've met them.

It is burdensome to have all these as friends; it is enough not to have enemies.

These numbers are clearly wrong.

Huey is the only one in this group who owns a truck.

We both know you don't belong here.

Check with her.

Don't walk out on me again.

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The news was radioed to us.

Joachim wants to come.

Cris looks conflicted.

Andrew was very quick to volunteer.

Skeeter claims he knows nothing about Bjorne.


It's late already. Go home.


I'm sure you'll work it out.


There is no smoke without fire.


He struck the wall with his fist.

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I'm excited about the move.

I have not asked for help, nor do I desire it.

Donnie could've been injured.

It had snowed heavily the night before.

I'm pretty sure Olof's discreet.


I've felt this way for years.

I'm sure going to miss them.

Blaine was wondering if Ramsey would go out with him.


"Are you upset?" "No. Why would I be?"

You took pictures at the wedding, didn't you?

Be careful. He's not an easy one to swindle.

Liz slept in this morning.

You're a traitor.

He seems honest enough.

She has plenty of books.

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We have room for thirty people.

I admire the view of the entire city atop the Ferris wheel.

Unless there is reliable evidence for it, we should not believe anything.


I am no match for you at tennis.

Are you from Australia?

Donnie said it wasn't funny.

I'm not undressing you.

The forest was covered with snow.

He has made them all proud.

I open the door and I see two boys standing next to each other.

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The bakery is around the corner.

Let's split the difference.

Most of these products are domestic.


That would be acceptable.

Honesty was the most important factor in his success.

She bandaged the wound.

You seem to remember everything that happened.

I met your father last week, so in the last week of June.


The choice of clothes has become conservative.

I have often met Mr Sasaki at the station.

We learned what we should do first.

She lied and I don't like liars.

Come again tomorrow afternoon, when I will have more time to talk with you.


Scot doesn't know what Mohammad wants.


What's the big deal with Tarmi?

That can be a problem.

When you put money in the bank, you deposit it.

Japan is famous for its scenic beauty.

The TV won't turn on.


I hear that he's very rich.


That's an old hat.


She looks pretty no matter what she wears.

Our team lost the first match.

Just pretend nothing happened.


Ralf said he wasn't offended.

She has hair on her teeth.

They won't accept the gifts.


People in those days already knew that the earth is round.

He dedicated himself to painting, without thinking of fame or fortune.

I refuse to dignify that with a response.

I have no good way to tell you, that a horrendous tragedy, which is going to affect our whole future lives' course, has taken place about a half an hour ago in the southern part of road 4.

Alf is a fierce competitor.

Something's wrong with the car.

How many seasons are there in a year?

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.

Does that sounds familiar?

Do you have any better ideas?

I'm supposed to be on break.

I was scared that Terrance would hurt me.

You'll wish you had studied harder.

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The policeman wrestled the thief to the ground and put handcuffs on him.


I will gladly help you.

He cannot be a poet.

What is Freedom Flotilla?

Do you understand us?

This product is fun to use.


I can't make myself understood in German.

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I think I'm expected.


You'll be receiving the results of your test in the mail.


Do you want some advice from me? Don't tell the police anything.

Did Grant find them?

At the time, we were very tired.


Your boots are ruined.


Sheep give us wool.

They led me up the garden path.

He was expelled from school.


They used to live in luxury.


Reason is the only thing that makes us human.

Do you agree with us?

That's not fair, is it?

This could be important.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.


This time tomorrow I'll be studying in the library.


What are we all doing?

Getting the novel, he begin to read it.

I'd like you to have an ultrasound.


I'll call for you at 8 tomorrow morning.


I strongly suggest you follow her advice.


Nothing went wrong.

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Tell us what happened to him.

Does anybody really care anymore?

Tell her everything you know.

How cute she looked as she waved her handkerchief from the window!

I'll see you to the gate.


Sam, a rhesus monkey, was one of the most well known monkeys of the space program. His name was an acronym for the U.S. Air Force School of Aviation Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas. He was launched on December 4, 1959, housed in a cylindrical capsule within the Mercury spacecraft atop a Little Joe rocket in order to test the launch escape system (LES). Approximately one minute into the flight, travelling at a speed of 3685 mph, the Mercury capsule aborted from the Little Joe launch vehicle. After attaining an altitude of 51 miles, the spacecraft landed safely in the Atlantic Ocean. Sam was recovered, several hours later, with no ill effects from his journey.

On your marks. Ready? Go!

We used up the shampoo.


John Glenn was selected as one of seven Project Mercury astronauts in 1959. In February of 1962, he became the first American to orbit Earth.

It's quite right to abominate people who are evil-doers.

Margaret's out of a job.

There's no way to know how much that will cost.

I wake him up at 6 every morning.

The big flower is blue.

Stephen would tell me.


We thought Leif and Dani were lost at sea but then we saw the distress flare.

I've seen it.


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I would like to learn to play the piano, guitar and flute.

All the cherry trees in the park are in full bloom.

He dedicates himself to research.

We're working here.

I'll get Sanjay to drive you home.

Who would you recommend for the job?

I remember that feeling.

Celeste has a black eye.

Don't smoke in this room.

These goods are free of duty.

I'm going to see him again.

I want to go to school and study hard.

What about him?