Analytics for Instagram (beta)

We Love Instagram - Even More Now

Kastimlytics came from a need to track mutliple accounts and stay on top of whats happening on Instagram. There is so much to tell you, but we don't want to give away the surprise until we are a bit closer to going live. Right now we are in Beta mode, so we will select a few individuals by invite to come and try our system and provide us with feedback as we continue this great journey on our quest to deliver analytics for Instagram.

(469) 314-8470

What Will It Cost?

We have not decided any final pricing - there will be a trial definitely
and of course mutliple accounts will be a built-in feature.

Beta Testing Mode

As we have not officially launched and want to offer a fantatic product,
we have decided to first test run some accounts.

We will allow people to join on an invite bases only for the time being
to provide us valuable feedback during our beta testing period.

To keep on top of our timeframe - you can follow us on Facebook
and be first get any new information we are making available.