Is today Monday?

The girl threw her arms around her father's neck.

I think French is a difficult language.

I was woken up by the sound of thunder this morning.

The old man envies the youth.

I'll be quiet.


When Facebook didn't exist, what was I doing to talk crap?

I always rely on him in times of trouble.

I eat breakfast at eight o'clock.


I bought these for them.

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Sanjeev certainly enjoys his wine.

Be kind enough to shut the door.

I need to get over him.

Are you ten years old?

How can we thank you?

By the end of June, they were ready to vote.

We need you here.

You must read the textbook closely.

Leora tried to impress his friends.

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We received a large package.

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He didn't succeed in explaining what he wanted.


This time my goal is London.

If I had to surrender, I'd rather choose death.

Was it really that bad?

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Rick turned a somersault.

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Harmon ate as soon as the food was put on the table.

I'm not going to go in there by myself.

At any rate, we have no means of helping him.


We aren't quite there yet.


Fresh vegetables are very dear in winter.

Lorenzo doesn't have any friends who like to play golf.

How about cup of tea or something, if you aren't in a hurry?


It looks like today is not my lucky day.

Stay with us for a few days.

You were so happy.


Dr. Hawking predicted that black holes emit radiation in the X-ray to gamma-ray range of the spectrum.

Everybody who was anybody was there.

We have a son who's just turned three.


It's very smoky in here.

They asked him.

Anyone who has made a promise should keep it.

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I have a hunch that the show will be cancelled; they haven't sold many tickets.

Why don't you invite them over?

In Spanish they use upside down question marks.

As they're not there this weekend, they gave me the keys of their apartment.

Many would jump at the chance to live in New York.

Fred, behave, and I'm not joking, either.

With deep and reverent awe I replaced the candelabrum in its former position.


Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants.


I won't be free tomorrow.

I thought you could speak French.

I hope the day will soon come when we can travel to the moon.

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I wonder where she studied English conversation.


It is our ardent hope that the war will end soon.

We hiked through a tropical rain forest when we visited Brazil.

Shut up and listen.

He could see the entire landscape from the top of the mountain.

We must talk it over.

Alcohol - never again!

That's not just bad, it's also punishable by the law.

Leonard promised me that he wouldn't tell anyone.

The first baseman tagged the runner out.


Boyce is a hard person to please.


I began the book.

Janet ran away to Boston.

He can run 100 meters in less than twelve seconds.

Have you found anything?

I kind of liked it.

He's ready now.

It is hers, is it not?

They warned you.

The teacher speaks quietly.


Do you need help?

Can you show me where you live on this map?

The new medicine saved his life.


Why are your ears so big?


I'd rather be a bird than a fish.

Republicans were furious.

It's very risky.


You must know her pretty well.

I didn't really like the stew that Roxana made.

Marilyn didn't know how to reach Jiri.

It may already be too late for him.

The police chief resigned.


Are your eyes bad?

"Wow, your brother is really handsome!" "And what am I, chopped liver?"

It wasn't simple to solve this problem.

But for his timely rescue, I would have drowned.

Franklin's party was a lot of fun.

I don't want to hold you back.

Kylo can't seem to find a decent job.

I haven't seen them in months.

When you're a father, you'll understand.

I'm never coming back here again.

How many cities are there in USA ?

Obviously he isn't dependable!

What about a picnic?

I don't want anything.

Lucifer started to go, but Marion stopped him.

Interesting. Could you explain what you mean?

It was a freak accident.

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The members of the jury listened carefully to the attorney.

Thuan does not like this color.

You've never forgiven me, have you?


If you can't take it, give up and do what I, your older sister, asked of you.

This exam is not so difficult.

He's a little nuts.

This is Pierrot's sister.

There is a website called Tatoeba.

You've got to apologize.

This isolated island is rejoicing at finally having drinkable water.

I cannot help laughing at my folly.

Elizabeth was extremely nervous.

We don't need to fight.

Ric frowned slightly.

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Everybody is alive.

You have a very impressive operation here, Tigger.

The battle was an important defeat for Japan.

I've been learning Finnish for over ten years, and I still have trouble understanding it.

Only a few students can read Latin.

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Kate is very energetic.

Boyce is coming up behind us.

Kari and Alf don't seem to be interested.

I'm filled with love for you.

Promise me that you'll come back.


How many languages are spoken in New Guinea?


He probably meant that people only go to demonstrations to show themselves and not to protest.

We saw Tandy last night.

That actress is often laughed at for her very long chin.

I think you might be happy here.

Turn away thine eyes from me, for they have overcome me.

When using this information, I will of course follow your requirements.

You need to get a real job.

I hear the service there is good and the food is delicious.

She earns a living by selling her paintings.

The child cried for a toy car.

He welcomed the news from his heart.

The system is working very well now.

Ginny is a con man.

I've given it a lot of thought.

You had better go now.


This is outrageous!

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Look, I want you to get me out of here.

I'm your new roommate.

Axel has time.


I hear from my friend every month.

This was too much for me.

That's so kind.


Please give me a cup of milk.

It's a really good question.

It is next to impossible to go to school.

Someone open the door.

Why won't you leave me alone?

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Carisa shared a news story on Facebook.

My father is a great traveler.

Rolf regrets the decision he made late last night.

I have never seen anyone who knows so much about ancient history.

When does school break up?

We had the the procedures done yesterday but unfortunately, the machine won't be in operation until the engine is replaced.

Maria anticipated that there would be trouble.

This car will never make it to Boston.

Wait till I tell Kerry before you tell Micah.

I want you to listen.

Bart had better get out of here.