Insert and Empower!

Tulifts™ inserts are a truly unique and revolutionary invention that make women look amazing while feeling confident and comfortable in every type of exercise or sport. Tulifts™ inserts allow women to wear the sports bras they already own, providing an affordable and convenient approach to giving women a new, fresh feeling of support and comfort.

Features & Benefits

  • Support and comfort with a patent pending design
  • Breathable, washable and interchangeable
  • Lightweight (.4oz.) and comfortable and wicks away sweat
  • Stays in place so you can focus on your activity—not your clothing
  • Look amazing with a feeling of empowerment and confidence
  • The inserts work with most sports bra brands, saving you money

Why We Created Tulifts

Debbie created Tulifts inserts because she believes in the power of exercise and promoting self esteem in women.

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