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Mitchell didn't expect that answer.

That's really immature, Honzo.

I need to get some sleep.

They had voted for action.

Tareq and Cindy seem to be arguing.


That was a total disaster.

Stop being so nice.

I'm thinking of going somewhere for a change of air, since my doctor advises me to.


I don't like this any more than you do.

Johann caught chlamydia from Rob.

A sneeze leaves your body at forty miles an hour.

Because of hunger and fatigue, the dog finally died.

I've never said such a stupid thing.

There is no denying the fact.

Marshall zipped up his jacket.

I appreciate the gesture.

He became so ill that he died two hours later.


We're not going to risk that.


Eli has the experience necessary.

I'd say it's gonna rain tomorrow.

Activists are stepping up their protest drive.

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I just want life to be like it was before.


I think that's impossible in Malaclypse's case.


Brooke seems to be paying more attention in class today than he usually does.

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Pick anything you like.

This is just a temporary break up.

It's too late to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.

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Syun was munching on something.

Christopher's family needed money.

Yesterday the teacher told us that he would give us a test today.

I'm worried about everybody.

As the grotesque parade passed by, everyone came out of their homes, hypnotized.


Take this.

Lonhyn couldn't decide what to do.

The band is excellent.

You must do it for yourself.

Let's get together again tomorrow.

Don't cut in line.

He is a very sincere person.

Manolis showed up when we least expected it.

She believes Luke.

Don't go for a walk naked!

Lar wondered when the snow would stop.

Sridharan hates Halloween.

Are you stupid or incompetent?

Barbra is trying to be helpful.

Annard knew that Shel had overheard John and him talking about her.


He is kind to those around him.

When does the screening start?

Who is this Jesse?

There is no feeling in my toes at all.

Brandi left his son a lot of money.

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I forgot myself.

What else needs fixing?

Pravin didn't have to go there if he didn't want to.

Vishal was inside.

Do you think there's a chance I could get that job?


Raul just left.


Jeffery bought some land near Boston.

This is going to be exciting.

Workers struggled as factories closed.

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Heidi and Lawrence used to be good friends.

What is your aim in life?

I don't remember what Hotta did.

The citizens of this small community don't condone public displays of affection.

Can I have seconds on rice and cabbage?

What is your goal in using Tatoeba?

I have to take the cat to the vet today.

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You'd better go inside.


She wants to marry a rich man.

It is rumoured that a spaceship has been seen near Shanghai.

Obviously I can translate that, since I strongly believe that everything is translatable, even what is untranslatable; and what the brain cannot translate - maybe the heart can.

I'm waiting for my friend to arrive.

I was hoping we could eat out this evening.

My mother, who has become a sun, has been on my mind throughout the years.

Maybe she won't come.

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Where do you buy clothes?

I didn't expect that Geoff would come so soon.

Anything may happen till that time.

The situation has taken on a new aspect.

Everyone has a signed contract.


Major has always stuck by me.

By virtue of frugality he has made a fortune.

He's one of those kind of people that never give up.

Nobody got killed.

The answer you give now will determine the course of the rest of your life. I advise you to consider your response carefully.

Isn't it a pity that Ninja and Shane can't get along with each other?

It's very safe.


Ben, if anything, is a sensible man.

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I am planning to visit Kyoto, and Nara as well.

Last year, the whole company traveled to Italy for business.

Apparently, it was his jealous mistress who prepared that nasty chemical concoction. I hear the wife took one sip of her morning coffee and collapsed without so much as a word.


Bob's really chip off the old block.


She is teaching us English.

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They are willing to do it for you.

I'm better off now than I was three years ago.

I saw you kissing Nathaniel.


I'd appreciate it if you could pay in cash.

Jarmo and Margaret are both in the classroom.

Tell me when we reach the city.


She cannot control her children.


I cannot appreciate the subtleties of the subject.

Her mood graduated to irritation.

The apple is not quite ripe yet.

Sanity turned around to face Rajesh.

Judging from what you say, he may succeed.

The men who tried to steal the plane have been sentenced to death by firing squad.

Maybe we can sit at a table near the window.

Klaus wasn't afraid to get his clothes dirty.

Izchak could face life in prison.

He apologized for his rudeness.

She is coming from England.

We don't need you to tell us what to do.

Would they recognize you?


Inflation should be checked.

How much cash do you have on you?

You keep a dog, don't you?


The Mandarin passive is used under the following circumstances.

A friend in hand is worth two in the bush!

The greatest wisdom has no shape; the greatest vessel is the latest to be completed; the greatest music has the most tenuous notes.

Sixty-nine percent of adult Americans are overweight.

Starbuck lives and breathes basketball.

It is almost 12 o'clock.

Major was absolutely sure of himself.

Air quality has deteriorated these past few years.

I'm in the bathroom.

I see you've done this before.

Let's go to the kitchen.

We're serious about it now.

Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization.

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He was told to get off at the station.


I told Lea where I'd gone.

I love this cup.

The government is coming under pressure to change the law.

You must keep your promise.

They don't let anyone enter without special permission.

Well, just you wait and see.

I'm going to see them today.


They seem American.

It doesn't fit well here.

When did Jenine come back from Boston?

Roxane arrived there before Jinny.

That's our house.


She's right here.

Do you know how to get to our place?

Tracey thinks those shoes will be too big.

What a gorgeous coat you're wearing!

Can we be overheard?


It was really inspiring.

Where can I buy coffee?

Thank you very much for lending me $500 when I was having difficulty making ends meet.


Where did you rinse them?

I will be at your house at eight.

They are both so lovely!


Excuse me, is Anatoly here today?

Leads is sleeping in his car.

Tahsin heard Vijay snoring in class.


We'll have to risk it.

There used to be a store right here.

I have a pretty good idea who Dana will be hanging out with tonight.


Fred often comes late for class.