I have to tell her the truth tomorrow.

Do the best you can.


He tried to imagine what the client was like.

Dave won the gold medal.

I can't believe it. Ole can't believe it either.

Lewis is the only one in our family who is any good at cooking.

I saw the sudden change on the broad's face as she realized that she wouldn't be able to cajole the ticket collector into letting her make it off without any fine.

Can we join in?

Her father became an invalid as a result of a heart attack.

He was very glad when she offered to help him fix his roof.

I was drinking milk.

I didn't realize I was getting so flabby.

Any person whatever can tell the way to the temple.

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In China a lot of elderly people play tai chi in the morning.


There are so many fine scratches and dents on its surface, it's no use polishing it.

Like it or not, you have to do it.

I'm going out for some fresh air.

The teacher always thinks highly of the students who try to think, "Why?".

See the car carefully before you buy it.


You're not much of a hero if you don't know how to make a good entrance.

This is the first time I've ever switched on this lamp.

Am I interrupting something important?

You should combine theory with practice.

Pilar told his son the story about a monster that ate children.

You've heard about it, haven't you?

You were concentrating.


We all care for one another.


There's nothing better than reading in the long autumn nights.


I have just eaten a plate full of croissants. Now I am full.

I'll help you find Francis.

I like school.

Antonio has been coming here three or four times a week.

Thank you for calling me on time.

Let's go to the flea market tomorrow.

Save your breath, Carol.


Mathematics is his best subject.

He lacks moral sense.

We may experience some difficulties.

There were no trees on the island.

I'm sure Naoto will wish he hadn't said that.

The birds ate the bugs taking turns.

Debi went on a voyage around the world.


He handed over all his property to his son.


I never know what to say.

Next week the electrician is coming to fix the wires.

What do you think of those Japanese writers?


That is why I believe in the Press.

Bertrand is one of the hardest guys to get along with.

What would we do?


Who's buying these things?

His supervisor gave him a sterling recommendation.

He was worn out after hours of work.

The next concert will take place in June.

He's kind of cute, but I'm not sure if I like him.

Do you know a man named Irwin Jackson by any chance?

Trying's mother is a nurse at the hospital that's across the street from where Martyn lives.


She returned the book to the library.

I know that you hate your job.

Take them with you.

Dean seemed polite enough to me.

We'll get them to talk no matter what it takes.


Tao is still looking for Laurel.

He has been working all day long.

I'll tell you everything I know.


Ask him yourself.

Randall took off his jacket and untied his bow tie.

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday.

What are you discussing?

Sharon isn't alone anymore.

It is already morning.

You ought to ask for your teacher's permission.

They want us to cooperate.

When it's cold, young people do nothing but drink.

Children, as well as adults, crave love and attention.

I want to share this with my grandchildren one day.

It's about time you set about cleaning the table.

Arne knows more about economics than most people do.

Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

My dad goes out for a walk every morning.

Lewis only had a few visitors when he was in the hospital.

Hank sits at his desk all night working.

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I don't think you have to worry about Kay anymore.

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Informed of their safety, the premier breathed a sigh of relief.

I'll arrange that.

We all liked her.

Phillip asked to see me.

If I had had more money, I would have bought the pen.

Monday is a difficult day.

Mother is in bed. She caught a cold.


You're a good influence on Those.


I don't want to insult him.

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She spends more time organizing than I.

See you Monday at school.

Ravi looks a little bit like my father.


I thought you knew Gideon.

Milo's relationship with Glenn was doomed from the moment he slept with her best friend.

I was excited to come.

I've never even told my husband.

Why don't we check?

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Our true hope is that there exists life in other worlds.

I've got the feeling I already met her somewhere.

She ate well.

They pretended that they were married.

Everybody's getting rich but me.

It being rainy today, let's cancel our shopping.

Will you phone me later, please?


Kristian is out sick today.

His testimony stands on facts.

Socorrito shot us.

Christie doesn't like talking about sports.

You don't sound too sure.


One man has been arrested and charged with the voluntary manslaughter of 25-year-old Izzy Tomson.

Will you do that for me?

Nobody moves!

Hsuan says he's willing to do that for us.

I got on the train.

"May I have one as well?" "Yes, certainly. Today's on the company after all."

She gave a flat refusal to my offer.

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In that case you only have to pay half the price.


My little brother says that he had a dreadful dream last night.

I'll call for you at six.

Naresh is afraid to go to the dentist.

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Her dog isn't very fast.

Is Santa cured?

The school is keeping me occupied.

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We are playing a game with our visitors.

We enjoyed watching TV.

You sure have a way with words there, Those.

I can't lie to Cynthia.

Jelske can swim as fast as you.

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Steve turned the chair upside down.

As a matter of fact, he was convinced.

What did you have to do?


Come to my office at the end of this month.


I am looking for a part-time job so I can buy a new video camera.

Rodney isn't very sophisticated.

Only a sincere apology will appease my anger.

What he says is true.

Irwin likes adventure.


Have you ever translated a book?

Our teacher gives us a lot of homework.

Do you know how much it cost me?


I hate to tell you this, but Tracey doesn't really like you.

I told Philip you were hungry.

Don't get off the bus till it stops.

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Irvin heard this and got angry.

The lawyer doubted his innocence.

He is good, not to say exceptional.

See that this never happens again.

I shouldn't have lied to you.

Let me see if I can do anything.

Everybody seems to pay attention to what he says.

Keep away from the fire.

You may as well prepare for your examination.

I don't really have time to go downtown.

Clara just can't afford to buy a house at this time.

There is some truth behind stereotypes.

Can you ski?

Do you know him, by any chance?

Why are you taking so long?


Avoid crossing this street when it's raining.

Walter is still at home.

Frederic looked a little embarrassed.

I had to shoot my horse because he was in a lot of pain.

If I were a brain in a vat, I wouldn't write this.