Don't let her in.

She has a wicked tongue.

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Rajarshi has friends all over the world.

The thunder was so loud that we could barely hear each other.

Two little squirrels, a white one and a black one, lived in a large forest.


Ritalynne's friends called him Money Bags.

Yumiko married a childhood friend last June.

How could you tell Francis to do that?

Dawn breaks, which is no small thing.

Janos took off his socks and shoes and walked into the sea.

Something embarrassing happened last week.

This thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes.


"Link, I need you." "Finally! I'll take off my clothes!" "Not in that sense, silly. Today is Father's birthday!" "The King has a birthday?!" "Yes. You'll be in charge of the decorations and I'll invite the guests!"

I don't care if she's Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim. All I care is her friendship.

The cedar count today is really high, so I might have to call work and tell them I'm too sick to go in.


We're running out of money.

I want to ask him for his phone number.

This is as true of a cat as of a dog.

I'm jealous of her.

It is said that Anne will get married in June.

Many roads remain closed.

Short hair looks better on her.

I dream to go and live in Lithuania.

We've just started.


Superconducting magnets can be used for the levitation of high-speed trains.

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Where does he live in Germany?

I don't pretend to understand global warming.

Were you there when Daniele talked?

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I found the Japanese sentence weird, but since it was written by a native, I thought that it was probably correct.

The Ibaan Market sells vegetables.

What do you think about Catalunya's independence?


I'm glad it works for you.

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Do you have Beethoven?

I'm sure Rudy didn't know he was supposed to do that.

Arlene is standing in the back of the room.

If you cannot join us, please reply.

He wants only one cup of tea.

Do you have some money?

Onions cook more quickly than potatoes.

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Could we discuss this?

I've done everything you've asked me to do.

Don't turn your back.

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Yangzi avoided the question I asked him.


He has no children, but he is leading an otherwise happy life.

She made a trip to Europe last month.

You should've stayed away.


Cut the salmon into small pieces.

He traveled under another name.

Our marriage has come to an end.

Both are very important.

Rodent taught Sridharan how to drive.

This is a great idea.

That's what it looks like.


Is it bland or not?


You have very nice penmanship.

We've practiced long enough.

I'm just thinking about the baby.

It was getting dark, and, what made matters worse, it began to rain.

He is still somewhere about.

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Chuck has been helping me get ready for my trip.

The heat is on the administration to come up with a new policy.

I don't own any real jewels.

How was the movie?

Could I borrow a hammer?


How many presidents were assassinated in the United States?


As they walk up and down the rows they shout, "Get your hot dogs here! Get your hot dogs!"

I'd better go with them.

Liz was buried yesterday.

Deal with it!

We chose John to be captain.

The derivatives of space with respect to time are velocity, acceleration, and jerk.

Jwahar took risks.


Did you vote in the last election?


Elliot looked up.

If I join the gym, will someone go with me?

We're a little late.

When will the Japanese classes start?

There's a homicidal maniac on the loose!

I know it doesn't look like it, but I've actually gotten rid of a lot of stuff out of the spare room.

Wilson tried to kiss Juergen, but she leaned back.

You may not like what you hear.

Nate gave the dictionary back to Herve.

Valentin did what he could to help.

When does the rainy season in Japan begin?

Classification is not my specialty.

A witty man is only worth something if he has character.

I like to have a deep conversation with a more academic person from time to time.

I always get along well with him.

It's a really good school.

Never call me again!


Dear brothers and sisters!


All of my friends like Clyde.

Do you really think that's a good idea?

I knew I had to stop.


They'll be grateful.


He was cheated of 100 yen.

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The garage was empty.


They visited me occasionally.

Tomorrow we will talk about cars.

Sharada told me that's not true.

I wish that I could help you.

I didn't think it was so bad.

I ran as fast as possible to catch up with her.

It was an awful sight.

I was alone in the class.

I'm busy today.

They cheered and clapped.

I have a new emotional experience to tell you.


Let's hope everything goes well.

I don't even know who she is.

Alice returned home early from work with a severe headache.

This task is too much for him.

Things are totally different now.


Please stop beating around the bush and come straight to the point.

It is often said that if you use certain ("environmentally friendly") products, you will be "saving the earth". Unfortunately, such products are, in many cases, merely less destructive than their conventional equivalent.

My brother goes to college in Tokyo.

I'm sorry, Jarvis, I can't do that.

I think we should start making plans for the summer.

How did you know Moe wasn't the thief?

Lebanon would fit in Brazil 818 times with room to spare.

Personally, I think there is some truth to both sides. I believe the moon landing and Pluto fly-by were real, but all of the Mars landings and flybys of Jupiter's moons were hoaxes.

I fell asleep while studying at my desk.

What's the ambassador's name?

You must be willing to commit to the program for at least a year.

Are you going to give this to her?

They missed Dan.

Honzo isn't as old as he looks.

It's been three years since I started to study French.

It sure fits, you just have to think how to put it in.

I like grape jelly best.

The workers of the northern countries have paid a high price for the displacement of production in the southern regions.

He swore never to trust her again.

I proposed that she come with me.

I was walking down the street when suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder.


"Eh? Is the tangent cosine divided by sine?" "Other way round!"

That sounds really difficult.

Chinese journalists at a major newspaper have gone on strike to protest against censorship.

I drank free mint tea with Nicolas this evening at the restaurant.

I'll always be there for him.

Shawn has started to learn French.

Neither woman was injured.

They treat their employees well.

Norman is unhappy.

The accident happened two years ago.

He was trying to find the guy who hit him on the head.

Tomas didn't shoot anybody.

You certainly understand.

No one would want to hurt her.

I don't want to talk about it right now.

Do you do this every day?

He seems interested in me.

Suzan said he was willing to help us out.

I heard Gale hates publicity.

Why do you want him?

The helicopter landed safely.

That's all you get.

I've seen Sir play guitar with his band.

How were your first days at school?

I can't see anything without my glasses.

You look a little green around the gills.

Venkata believes in strange things.

They were very demanding.

If she were happy, she would play much better.


They were jumping about in excitement.

Few people can run the machine as well as Mr Smith.

I bought it from them.

I should've gone after him.

Juliane is very naive.


Gregge was stabbed with a knife.