I like my shrimps fried.

Can you recommend any other hotels?

He was the first man to land on the moon.

You'd make a cute couple.

Sooner or later the truth will come out.

The strong wind cut the electric wires in several places.

How long does the airport shuttle take to get to the airport?

They gained great wealth.

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I only hope Kirsten likes me.

I see the two of you are having a good time.

The farewell party will be given next week.

We learn a lot in our trips abroad.

The books are ours.

Everybody will be home for Christmas.

I feel like speaking French today.

It wasn't the mark that he was expecting.

I continued reading.

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Gregge remained still.

Why don't we just stay here?

I just wish it were easier to do.

They pulled their boat up onto the beach.

She blinked her eyes.

My girlfriend is Canadian.

Indra always seems so friendly.

We have homework.

Douglas has never gone on a date with Janos.

The shop, the advertisement, traffic, all that commerce which constitutes the body of our world, was gone.

You know quite a lot about Sumo.

We are always getting ready to live but never living.

I haven't had a chance yet.

I was leaving for Paris the next morning.

You cannot make bricks without straw.

I have a three-year contract.

She loves me.

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Tell Andy that I'm too tired to help him.

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It's almost time to take a break.

I have three times as many books as he does.

I told you I was going to do that.

She tore the letter into a thousand pieces.

Ruth pleaded not guilty to charges of drunken driving and reckless driving.

Rolfe doesn't talk to his neighbors.

A zombie is living a life of its own now and then.

There are 35 students in this class.

I can't remember Ginny's last name.

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Ray has promised he won't do that anymore.

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I'll come with you if you want me to.


Gregge didn't much like it.

Masanobu has helped us to make some tough decisions.

Japan is now very different from what it was twenty years ago.

It didn't happen the way you said it did.

Johann thinks his country is the greatest country in the world.

I've never seen an eclipse before.

I've been trying to call Terrance all day.

I borrowed a necklace to wear to the banquet tonight.

His credibility is so low that, if he says something is green, the chance that it is not is almost a certainty.

He wants to kill me.

Leigh was a good boy.

Elephants drink water.

Thanks for the compliment.


I know you're angry with me.


As a last resort, we can stay at my sister's.

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I am a Japanese writer.

The rain is drumming on the window.

Who was where?

Is breakfast ready?

Without your protection, Emily won't have a chance.


She took him to the store.

Ranjit bought scented garbage bags.

Does Roxanne want this or not?


The cat knows whose sausage it ate.

He gave this pet the name Erdogan.

Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity.

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It is unfortunate you didn't join us.

We expect much of him.

Adrian is very successful.

Sarah dashed after Luc.

She ran her eyes over the letter from him.

That was all wrong.

I can't fathom what you said.


He met a nice young man.

The telephone rang a few minutes later.

It will have been raining in the forest.

I hear you've got a new girlfriend.

I was afraid that might happen.


Computers are constantly being improved.


The family is sitting in a happy circle around the dining table.


The book is new.

Have you already fed the dog?

I wish God did exist.

Has Tolerant told Eileen that he's married?

You have to have an audition before you can join the choir.

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In spring, flowers grow and trees bloom.

I really don't think so.

Brodie just finished cleaning his room.

Before he retired, he had handed over charge of his office.

The stupidity of animal-rights activists knows no boundaries.

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I wouldn't miss it for anything.


Betty speaks Esperanto really well.

Don't teach fish to swim.

Sit down and have a drink.


My cousin is a little older than I am.


Our mothers are strong women.

The suspense is killing me!

I've called ahead.


You will not be charged for another delivery.


You're stronger than them.

I am here.

Roxie walked into the kitchen.


Every type of socialization requires a lie.

We could not play owing to the rain.

Rogue lives near Miek.

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I meant to talk to you about that.


I'd like to pay in cash.

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Wipe your shoes on the mat.

Daniela called me at home.

Where on earth did Laurie go?


I saw many things.

Men cry, too.

I was born and raised in Tokyo.

You said the same thing about Laurent.

Let us think about it together and dream a little.


Ramesh is really lucky.


No, I don't. I want to learn sometime.

I've ordered you a beer.

We want to protect this world we have.


Magicians trick their audience into believing they have special powers.


I could have done it without your help.

I prefer to study at night.

Martha had Pontus help him tie his shoes.

Let's be friends, OK?

Each individual soul is such, in virtue of its being a power to translate the world into some particular language of its own.

Heavy fog and rain hindered the search for the missing bushwalkers.

He has never tasted alcohol.

I'm not sure how accurate that is.

I've got a package for you.


He walks in the park every morning.

I got my eyes tested.

How often do you use toll roads?

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I don't want to open the window.

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You aren't allowed in there.

Where is the Customs Service?

She could always call her parents when she was in a crunch.

We rented a truck to move our furniture.

This is a chair.

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In other words, he's saying to use the flower vase in place of the urine bottle?


We both competed.

I don't have anything I need to say to Yvonne.

You should know that.

I could have done it.

We've been lied to before.

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The door's locked.

Sometimes because of their atmospheres and sometimes because of the gases which surround them.

Though he dieted, he still could not lose weight.

Very tall people can often be ungainly.

We haven't had that discussion yet.

Philip will lose time.

I've been here almost three years now.


I'm not about to marry Suzie.


I can't make head or tail of what you say.