I have a few contacts with the government.

Is hacking youtube a crime?

I fell in love with you.

I'd love to give him a blast.

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Just hearing Spanish makes me feel warmer and takes my mind off the freezing cold I'm experiencing right now.


I don't think this is a good idea.


From the castle we could see the whole curve of the river around its base.

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It was only after years that my mother told me the truth.

The house was being painted by my father.

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up naked.

I must make a call.

C-47 has landed.

Who? Me?

We'll need to come up with another plan.

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Pieter isn't very courageous, is he?

You've violated our trust.

Saqib treats me like a princess.

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Would you have believed that?

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I'm planning to disguise myself as a doctor.

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My husband got the hots for a Canadian and is threatening me with divorce.

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Don't let him do it alone.

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The weather is bound to get better tomorrow.


Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd. Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined. Harpier cries "'Tis time, 'tis time".

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I'd be depressed if they asked me to quit the team.

I'll meet her at the library.

I want your blood.

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Poetry helps to interpret life.

A beautiful woman like you shouldn't be eating alone.

It'll stop raining soon.

Jef is standing outside the door.

Emma didn't really like Jordan all that much.

Hunting game is forbidden in these tranquil woods.

He is willing to stand up for his beliefs.


I asked Clark to play the guitar.

You can let them go now.

I am buying candy and cookies.

Seth died in 2009.

I keep this bottle separate from all the others.

This man is not reliable.

Would it be possible for me to bring Syun?

My sister lives in Boston, hence, I'll likely visit the area.

There's no way I'm leaving you here alone with Cathy.

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Get some rest.

The stable is right behind the farm house.

Put your hands on your head!

Hisao's face was as pale as that of a corpse.

Dana is a well-respected man.


I was absent from work yesterday.

To tell the truth, it does not always pay to tell the truth.

Just keep going.

I have to agree with her.

Edward White II became the first American to walk in space.

Derek didn't want to be alone on Valentine's Day.

It sounds like he is going to Kashgar.

He is strong as a horse.

It is probable that Jane will come.

What should I say to him?

It was the most boring trip of my entire life.

Take your pick.

Make love, not war!


Old birds sing, young birds twitter.

They'll believe that.

Ice skating is kind of fun.

Stephanie knew what Luke liked.

Pinocchio hid his face under the sheets.

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With no work, I can't save any money.

I've just lost the best friend I ever had.

Where's all the money coming from?

Emily is writing a letter.

Doors aren't as bad as you think.


Arnold finished his homework before going to sleep.

I'm studying with him.

He's a transsexual.


That's something you'll regret.

A strange incident happened during his speech.

It smells like something's rotting.

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Well, what do you want me to say?


I have a great interest in the Wars of the Roses.

Read such books as will be useful in later life.

I am listening to an old song.

This chair needs to be fixed.

They don't use condoms because they are no longer worried about pregnancy.

We're watching them.

How long do you think Anderson can hold his breath?

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No one is answering.

Just as he was speaking, a fire broke out.

What makes you think Marla will be late?

Many buildings burned to the ground.

Kristian told me you were friends.

I accepted that a long time ago.

Taking moderate exercise will do you good.


I think Raphael is insane.

They hurt him.

These bank employees seem so politely insolent lately. I wonder what's behind it.

No one's going to see me.

What am I supposed to have done?


Bryan's eyes widened in surprise.

Mah doesn't know his way around town.

I couldn't sleep, thinking about it.

Sehyo is only in town for a few days.

Edmund said the coffee was too hot to drink.

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I don't remember asking for it.

That portrait reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago.

She sells seashells at the seashore.


Please stay in line.

Old people get up very early.

How do you get downtown from here?


Liza likes swimming as well.

Brenda's remarks touched off a violent argument.

I have the feeling that I understand.


Have you already decided what you're going to order?

I was going to kill them.

Do I have to change my diet?

Whatever he takes up, he gets soon tired of it.

What kind of a party do you want?

Cory pulled the emergency brake.

Paola took a hot bubble bath.

Judaism isn't really the opposite of Christianity.

She didn't even have the courtesy to say that she was sorry.

He isn't able to understand it.

We've been together three years.

Trying should go home early.

The musical instruments and parts are all professional grade! And the prices are the lowest anywhere!

She admired him.

Tanya has been missing for months.

Do you have anything else to say to me?

I came to give you this.

Walkers are commonly called witch's tanks.

Arthur sounded a little disappointed.


A little heavier rain might cause a flood.

My hens laid fewer eggs last year.

I went to church this morning.

Roberta got mad.

Would you like to ask me something else?

They won't wait long.

Let's open the window to have a little air.

He is quite an odd man.

Tell Anatole hi for me.

This sentence hasn't yet been translated.

I'll be seeing you.


Don't make me leave.

It never occurred to me that you wouldn't want one.

College graduates earn on average over fifty per cent more than those with only a high-school degree.

I shouldn't have gone there by myself.

Philip is innovative.


I hope Matthieu doesn't get too upset.

What were you doing last night?

Ramneek must lose a little weight.

Masanobu transformed himself into a werewolf.

I'm getting used to doing this.

Shean believes that there are good and evil demons.

How many guards were there?

Loving, of enemies is another dogma of feigned morality, and has besides no meaning.

Floria formulated a plan to steal Dory's safe.

I wasn't prepared.

The "retired" president of that company runs the whole show from behind the scenes, so the current president is nothing but a figurehead.


We forgot all about Santa.


What he did was against humanity.

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Max had a date with Heather last Friday.


The eyes of the world are upon you.

I persuaded him to take part in it.

Philip was determined to get rid of his pot belly.

Is there anyone we invited who hasn't come yet?

Cindy was in a lousy mood.