If you have any questions, please call.

I left three questions unanswered.

He'll be there.

There are no faults on my part.

She hushed her baby to sleep.

Classes begin next week.

Xavier is a young student in economics at Paris University.

Tor is waiting to speak to Suzanne.

You found a job, didn't you?

I'm confident that you'll succeed.


Son goes out drinking every evening.

This is the mistake of the student.

A robot can do more work than a man can.


What seems to be the cause of the trouble?

That was quite a performance.

I think that they will follow us.

Spudboy hasn't been wrong yet.

Isidore didn't remember where he'd put his pen.


You say you want to visit Hui? Why in the world would you want to do that?


Antony hired Cindy to help him.

I strolled along the streets to kill time.

Don't you think so, Linda?

I met Paul at a club.

Does anyone want to do anything?


I need Alison's signature.

You should know by now that I don't really like you very much.

Are you a trekkie?

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We used the following procedures in this experiment.

You're not allowed to leave this room.

I have to wake her up soon.

Your driver's license has expired.

I hope to see you.

Are there many Chinese restaurants in Boston?

Have lunch.


There's milk in the fridge.

We're nonsmokers.

Nora kicked the wooden box.


Why would I help him?

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

No one's stopping you.

I had a hard time.

Nobody believed he stood a chance of winning the match.

I just cracked a rib.

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The police considered the crime to be serious.

The two most important people in the meeting are Spencer and Son.

I know I should've called first.

If I'd taken that plane, I wouldn't be alive now.

Presently the plan is still in the air.

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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I need some answers from Dawson.

Nicholas took a labouring job, but he just couldn't hack it after a few days.

What is your opinion on the matter?

Harvey doesn't pay any attention to Nick.


Edith closed his eyes tightly and endured the pain.

Only she can use the computer.

The hare stole a carrot from the garden.


Nobody went home.


Get an egg from the refrigerator.

That is the girl who waited on me in the shop yesterday.

The poor child was on the verge of starvation.

I felt encouraged to hear what he said.

There was a traffic accident in front of the house yesterday.

I can't afford this one either.

As our time comes to an end, Bret, would you care to have the final word?

Why can't I have a dog?

Is Barrett still in town?

You do not need to like everything.

There's been a lot of rain this summer.


We have a lot of free time this week.

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If we don't leave soon, we'll be late.

I do hope that it won't rain tomorrow.

Why are you working for him?

I'm just worried about my weight.

What I need is a beer.


I'll ask for directions.

I don't like Ray's dog.

Carisa is coming home.

It shocked me.

It used to be that a girl could only marry if she had a dowry.

You know Americans are jealous of the British accent that they deem more prestigious.

Murray couldn't hear a word that Karen and John were saying.

A button from his overcoat fell off.

She has lent me a new CD of a very good Brazilian band called Tinastacia.

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Judge beat me at chess.

What do you think has happened?

When did you last talk to her?


Why does it draw out lunch every day?

This lake is the deepest in this country.

He was engaged in a long argument.

Why did she interrupt me?

What did you have for supper last night?


You have to appear in person.

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My sister has been knitting since this morning.

Thanks to the good weather, the outdoor concert was a success.

How many legs does a spider have?

He cut the advertisement out of the newspaper.

Please do not forget capital letters and punctuation!

Elliott is dating my sister.

I can't answer for his dishonesty.


I think Betty is eligible for a fine young man.

Japanese consumers are watching closely the U.S. government's efforts to make Japan dismantle various restrictions on imports of foreign goods into the country.

Please drop in on us.

I could have been killed.

I'm from Israel.

If you make a mistake, just cross it out neatly.

Micheal bought himself a new toothbrush.

My siblings have left it to me to take care of my aging mother.

It looks like I lack the capacity for loving two at the same time.

Will you show me the picture?

I love Boston.

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Phil was very embarrassed.

Grandmother makes a practice of keeping early hours.

Did Kris really break up with Randolph?

She can't bring herself to throw away photo albums filled with memories of him.

I told about an outing.

I can trace my ancestors back 200 years.

If you want, you can easily do it.

Is there anything else we can do for you?

I'll be back for them later.

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Please wake me up at six tomorrow.

I know what you're scheming to do.

Look at me when I talk to you!


We've had some bitter winters.


I was right too, then!

Shaw started crying as well.

The company's labour costs in China have been so high that an unexpected China phenomenon is about to become the norm.

She borrowed my scissors.

What are you studying this semester?


Luke said that he likes swimming.


Why don't we talk about coffee?

Meehan didn't want to go to college.

It was dark in the American house.

I'm sorry I'm so late.

I'm not exactly sure why.

I want to go right now.

Laura liked teasing his sister.


Did anyone tell them?

We've made a lot of progress today.

Unfortunately, it's not a photomontage!

Her success made her the target of jealousy.

He is a harsh critic.

I can't fix it. It'll have to be replaced.

Vadim knows he shouldn't do that.


I'll buy a calendar.

Would you like to wait in the room?

She is reputable, rational and above all pretty.

He didn't have as much trouble finding a job as he thought he would.

Coconut oil does wonders!


Our teacher doesn't just speak English, but French too.

You're stalling.

The service in this restaurant is none too fast.


Have you discussed this problem with Fritz?

It's a dead-end relationship.

Explain it to me tomorrow.

It doesn't seem to make you happy.

Fortunately, I have never succumbed to the psychosis they call love.

I'm afraid that's not going to happen.

They are faster than we are.


Everything has its limit.


It seems to me that you're making fun of me.


Where is Customs?

They kept silent about their plans.

Don't count on him.


There is no situation that is without hope.