I wonder if Gil knows Leif.

I'm speaking of a lion.

I have an open mind.

He's annoyed because she always gets there late.

What is it exactly?

I'll get you off from work.


Rephrasing the well-known principle of Shaw in conformity with Tatoeba, one can say: "Make up a sentence that even a fool can translate, and only a fool would like to translate it."

The wedding will be held in a 17th century church.

Elsa has good reflexes.

She liked him right off.

I don't speak English well even though I took it for six years at school.


You'd better get your stuff together now because we're leaving in ten minutes.

The oven's hot so be careful not to burn yourself.

Is my explanation clear?

I love sitting on the beach.

Fir trees are often used as Christmas trees.


It's a relief to have finished the assignment on time.

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Adrian told Alexis to stop.

It's Helge calling from Boston.

I didn't know you had children.


Do the police know about this?


Ranjit must've gone home already.

Rudolph attended that meeting.

It's too dark here to read a book.


Major violated his parole.


Due to the sudden death of his father, he abandoned his plans of living outside the country.


The first bill I signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Don't be a couch potato.

Leslie and Marla are in the kitchen, preparing dinner.


I'd hate to die young.

Mother is no more than one.

Don't ever laugh at your wife's choices, because after all you're one of them.


The moon was the only light in the mountains that night.

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Antony admitted that he had stolen the Wolf's necklace.

At one point, this city was beautiful.

It is no use reading such a book.


The phone is busy.

Doyle applied for a job as an English teacher.

I didn't mean to offend Vinod.

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They are well off.


Where was he going?


Jaime didn't seem to even notice that Morris was there.

Another fierce battle was ready to begin.

I hate the guy who lives next door.


That's over.


In general, people were against the consumption tax.

Why isn't Doug fighting back?

I won't tell anyone what happened to you.

You didn't tell them what we wrote in that blog.

My new novel will come out next month.

Soohong stopped talking when Toby entered the room.

We did have a look around for you!

Bradford said that was a possibility.

Did you wait for us?


The food at the new restaurant is nothing special - average at best.

War is not 'the best way of settling differences; it is the only way of preventing their being settled for you.

People are not used to someone being honest.

Your moon is returning.

I think that's where Patrick is now.

I want this one.

I'll be counting on you to bring a salad.

I love you, Mama.

Were you flirting with him?

I assume you're familiar with this concept.

Linder was goofing around.


I'm beginning to think you're serious.

A good idea occurred to me then.

It was really good to see you again.

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There is a start signal.


I was abasing him for being smart.


Barry is coming to Boston.

There's no water in the bucket.

As far as I know, she's not yet married.


Brad isn't the one who did this.


I am natural born master.


The scenery carried me back to my younger days.

This hotel is better than the other one.

It's been fun.

I want a new tennis racket.

Does the name Piercarlo Jackson mean anything to you?

I suppose you'll be needing this.

I should be there right now.

I think I can't stay.

The food was better in prison.

The good news is that we don't have to go.

I have eight siblings.


They marched in a parade through the streets of Paris.


I've heard barley is yielding fruit in Sisku's field.


What did Plastic tell you about himself?

Polly is going through a difficult time.

Don't put that damp towel into the bag.

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It hasn't been easy for Nici.

I always catch colds in the winter.

I cannot shed a tear for that horrible man.

We have to do something to help Manjeri.


Did you find these at a vintage clothing shop?

Danny earns a lot of money.

How did Amy look?

Let's fall in love.


Is it true that you cleaned the house by yourself?

You sure are good in English. Go ahead, speak in English!

Everyone coming to the party must bring their own contribution to the food and drink.

If you'd listen a little more carefully to what the teacher says, you'd probably be able to understand.

Hold them down.

I'm a bit worried now.

I don't like to be made a fuss about.

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He was passive by nature.

They struck oil here recently.

Your behaviour was shameful.

I know how some of you might feel about that.

Could you take some photos of your city for me?

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Don't you know The?


A gentle wind made ripples on the surface of the pond.

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I hid it in my freezer.

Mah is currently living in Boston.

Sergeant seems generous.

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She's in a fairly bad mood now.

He found her body in the pool.

How come you didn't come to the party?

That must've cost him a fortune.

A number of students are absent today.

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Lord, I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.

I can remember the warmth of her hands.

Let's give it a try.

Look, there's my mom.

I think Greg will be coming back next week.

Glynn has been asleep for three hours.

We have two spare rooms upstairs, neither of which has been used for years.

Someone's at the front door.

Budapest is not Bucharest.


Tell me who you gave your old toolbox to.

Nguyen isn't even on the team.

I saw Pratt do it.


You used to raise canaries.

You'd better come right away.

It all happened three months ago.

We could've managed without Kazuhiro's help.

Matthew won't be ready.


May you both have a long and happy life together.

Is there something you want to tell me?

The drunk driver drove his car straight through the wall of the house and into a bedroom.


They don't work at night.


Why didn't you tell me you didn't know how to do this?

Got the hang of it?

Tomorrow I will buy what I need.

How much did you win?

There is no denying that she is very efficient.


You have no idea, do you?


They caught me with my pants down.

Do you remember when her birthday is?

I think it's a realistic fear.

I'm going to take her home.

Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

Christie is my half-brother.

Let's not eat at that restaurant.