Ahmed's family has been involved in dairy farming for years.

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You should have seen her.

I've already gone through several marriages, but none of them gave me the happiness I deserve.

We miss you and are really looking forward to you being here.

Ritalynne thought he was losing his mind.

He is Swiss born.


I'll arrive at the station at about 1:35.

The rumor turned out to be only too true.

When the Tsar saw the linen he was struck with astonishment at its fineness and beauty.

You can't buy that kind of loyalty.

Who was that guy?

If you can't explain it easily, you don't yet understand it.

How big is your house?

I did not see anyone in the street.

I wonder why you never got married.

Thanks for the party.

They went back.

I just thought I'd call and check.

Do you want me to do it again?


We don't have enough bandwidth to use that service.


The manager balanced the strength of his team against that of their opponent and sighed.

We want a house of our own.

You said you'd go to Boston with me.

It's just imaginary.

We've already lost three days.


Where are you headed for?

Do you have a problem with me?

I have a possible explanation for that.

It does not become you to complain.

In winter, the roads are covered with ice.

It feels like a dream.

This subject is extremely controversial.

He is by all odds the most diligent in his class.

His classmates laughed at him at once.

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When I met him yesterday, he asked me about my wife.

What are they like?

Was Bea left behind?

Would you bring me another one, please?

This will help keep you warm.

His English is better than mine.

I've spent a week in Istanbul.

It's been hot and humid.

Her dream of a lifetime finally came true.

How can I make Kees stop?

What a nice sounding word!


I'm the one who gave him that.

This is your last chance to spend time with Boyd.

I'll take the blame.

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I can't make Blaine do anything.

He's a grumpy old man.

I was forced to sell my car.


Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday.


I'm ready to forgive him.

We have no sugar.

Huskies are friendly.


Would you care for some more cake?


The news was sensational.

Michelle stood beside Mac.

What would Tolerant say about this?

The strain is beginning to tell on him.

Let's go to the movies.

I see her even in my dreams.

We went without him since he wasn't ready.

Who broke it?

I'm not leaving without her.

What's going on with you and Naim?

Yvonne squatted down.

China is working to modernize its weapons program.

He labored to complete the work.

Adobe and Apple both have top-notch video editing programs.

Passengers are packed in like sardines on city buses.

She is a very poor driver.

This is pure hypocrisy!

God is my leader, and my sword is my companion.

He put forward a plan for improving office efficiency.

Please keep me informed.

This will tide you over for a day or so.

Taxes on French perfumes have been increased in the United States.

I don't think I'll ever get used to this.

The same phenomenon has been observed.

I like watching TV.

Glenn doesn't buy bread.

Shannon pays Dwight to clean his house.

Edmund was in perfect health.

Bob's father works in a car factory.


He left for Manila last week.

Just stand there.

We already have enough to worry about.

Are you related to her?

After the holidays, I'll probably need to go on a diet again.


At the Battle of Verdun, French forces stopped a German attack.


I came to support Knapper.


It's too dangerous!

Given the right conditions, compost worms can reproduce at a phenomenal rate.

The new law has deprived the citizens of their liberty.

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Anita was one of our best.

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His teaching method is both good and bad.

Sam went skiing in January.

Some sci-fi writers play on hermaphroditic societies. Characters may be hermaphroditic, have more than two genders, or interchange gender according to the seasons.

I'll join you all later.

Would that really be so bad?

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He did not so much as say good-by to me.

Henry solved all the problems.

They drifted down the river.

These records are 2,000 yen each.

No one has the right to tell you how to live your life.

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If for some reason I failed, I'd try again.

No one saw us take it.

Are you going to go with us, too?

She advised him not to do that.

He is making good progress in playing the piano.


Would you prefer to go to the zoo or go to a movie?


We're not married.

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Tea and coffee helps to start the day.

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Darrell closed the gate.

Per is plotting something.

Jim says he goes jogging at least three times a week.

Among those present was the Mayor.

The queen shook hands with each player after the game.


I can cross the river by swimming.

The bowl contains many kinds of candy.

The days are growing longer.


Who doesn't like having their back scratched?

I've arranged for a bit of privacy.

If it's free, get as much as you can.

I found it.

We need a new rug.

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He went insane from the unhappy accident.


Nguyen is carrying some chairs.

I'm going to take two aspirins before going to bed because I have a sore throat.

That would be sad.


It would have been fun.

Sandra has flu-like symptoms.

How do I change my cell phone's ringtone?

He overheard the conversation by accident.

Herve doesn't need to apologize. He did nothing wrong.

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I was so proud to be chosen.

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A crisis in France could be bad for America.

My passport was stolen.

He was happy to have passed the examination.

These letters, in the main, are from my mother.

A nurse brought me some bread and coffee, but the bread was stale and the coffee tasted of soap.

Lila walked along the sidewalk.

Eliot likes to chop wood.

He said that if he were there, he would help her.

He put in ten hours of overtime this week.


Maybe next time!

Dan tried to attack the psychiatrist, but the orderlies managed to subdue him and sedate him.

I've said this before.


What time did they leave?

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I thought Merril would remember.

I wonder why Pandora was murdered.

I hope nothing goes wrong.


He has skilled hands.


The place was empty. She was alone in the darkness, except for a cat hiding behind a box.

I want Jean to let Cindie finish.

And then Kayvan did something totally unexpected.


She never saw him.

There's nothing wrong with being gay.

I advise you never to live beyond your income.


You have to help me out.