Aren't you thirsty?


She worked in Belgium.

Can I do anything to help?

Millions of people were unemployed then.

I'd cut down those trees if I were you.

My beloved is white and ruddy, chosen out of thousands.

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I caught a glimpse of him as he turned the corner.

Juliet did that three months ago.

The candidates thoroughly argued the point.


I've been here the longest.


You shouldn't go outside on a day like this.

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Boyd has achieved very good results.

I'm not sharing this with Lonhyn.

I can't even read French, much less speak it.

There are a lot of fires in the winter.

The soldiers have erected a peace monument.


Have you ever seen the movie "The Box"?

You may ask that teacher questions.

What is in the backpack?

He will have to undergo an operation next week.

I've got a reservation.

I wonder if I should tell her the truth.

You are as good as gold.

Why do you hate us so much?

I spend most of my time in Boston.

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We'll always remember that.

I got a letter from a friend of mine in London.

Is that your umbrella?

Just what do you want me to find out?

The Sahara is the largest source of dust in the world.

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There's some ice.


Don't look directly at her.

Every girl in the class had a crush on Mitchell.

Do you like walking?

She wept when she heard the terrible news.

A wife can have property independent of her husband.


We got something for them.

Bobbie was a very intelligent, but very quiet girl.

I've lost patience with Andrea.

I don't quite follow you.

Get away from them.


Investment in education is undoubtedly the only effective way to bring a country out of poverty.

She has quite a lot of clothes.

Dwayne greeted me politely.


Caleb is the only one there.


I'll read it.


Nothing can justify deception and manipulation.

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Can we do anything to help Son?

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

He's young and healthy.

My father was on the point of going out when I came home.

He put sour cream in the spaghetti.

Listen well to what I say.

The French and Indian War had begun.

He has just as many books as his father does.

I can't believe Samir isn't coming.


You arrived too early.


My problem is that my wife doesn't love me anymore.

"Is she young?" "Yes, she is."

He is thrifty, not to say stingy.

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Jaime has cut himself off from all his companions and lives, self-absorbed, in a fantasy world populated by imaginary friends.


He had never seen such a bad boy.

My shoes have holes in them.

The plan was put into operation.


There's nothing wrong with being gay.

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The scientist gave a lecture on the structure of the universe.

You overrate people.

Pradeep won't be bothering you anymore.

Do you live around here?

I steal into the house.

A rush-hour traffic jam delayed my arrival by two hours.

There are no tables in the room.

Didn't you order red wine?

I've got a partner.

Can Annie handle failure?

I really like my job.


You can never be sure.

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He grew up poor, so he's used to deprivation.


This kind of music is something that older people have difficulty understanding.

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A knocking sensation may indicate a loose headset.

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I can solve this problem.

Hwa got Bonnie to drive John and Alice home.

Did you really just say that?

I had no idea you worked here.

She has lived there for seven years.

When did you tell Romain what happened?

Are you high?

I have a collection of documentaries.

You should make allowances for her age.

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I really want to figure this out.

The bus stop is close by.

It is important for me.

I found the very thing you had been looking for.

He knows how to paint houses.


Thanks to you getting him badly injured, all of that kid's summer plans came to nothing!

His students speak bad about him behind his back.

I didn't remember his name until afterward.


We don't have any choice.

I want to cash a check.

Tatoeba.org is offline for maintenance.

A stone hit him on the head.

Have you discussed it with Kristian?

I hope you'll learn to appreciate my humor.

The girl was made a prisoner and condemned.

How can you just sit there and do nothing?

My friend bought the second-best bicycle in the shop.

I think Nils is cooperative.

Pilar got the children to laugh.


Would you go to your room?

We've been doing it the hard way.

Teri leaned down and picked up a rock.


Just so we're clear, that was Morgan's idea, not mine.

I prefer to be hanged rather than being shot.

He does not understand modern technology.

That charity is named after a person who donated about two billion yen.

He was looking for it like a hunting dog.

Hey, let me tell you something.

I think you can handle it.

Marion rolled down both windows.

The allies condemned the invasion as a violation of UN resolutions.


Chris had a concussion.

That ugly butcher resembles that fictional monster.

I'll have to go and see what I can do.

Would you like to go see a movie or something?

What's up, dude?

He is rotten to the core.

I never worried about them.


The poor duckling did not know where to go, and was quite miserable because he was so ugly and laughed at by the whole farmyard.

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She knows how to repair computers.

Dominic had a panic attack.

Shakil cannot drive.


I'll recommend it.

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Pluto is only about half the width of the United States.

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He dashed the glass to the floor.


The wet vase left a mark on the table.

Rajendra doesn't need this.

Everything chose to go wrong during his absence.

This information is confidential.

The writer does not always present life as it is.

I told Gary I didn't want his help.

Finally I uncovered the truth.

I didn't say I persuaded Krzysztof.

These flowers can be seen around Hokkaido.

Eddie is one of the finest songwriters I know.

Visit our website for additional information.

He was wearing a dinner jacket.

Don't let Vivek take advantage of you.

Four hundred fifty black pilots were in the group.

That's why I called you here.


Let's keep thinking about the best way to get this done.

The mayor compromised on the subject to a certain extent.

Tanaka sized up the situation at a glance.

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Bernard told Lex to wait a little longer.

Please don't go to the trouble of coming to our office.

Gosh, what a dirty customer!

Do you have any change?

She knows how to repair computers.

I bought a red sweater at that shop.

Raskolnikov is the protagonist of the book of Crime and Punishment written by Dostoevsky.