Something has gone terribly wrong.

The street is paved with asphalt.

Wealthy immigrants from China are happy to pay stratospherical prices for homes in Vancouver.

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Rhonda masterminded a diabolic plot to kill his wife.

Carole suspected that his father was dyslexic.

I don't use birth control.

She looks like a farmer's wife.

Torsten's wife told me he wasn't at home.

Kids and fools always tell the truth.

Just give me a chance.

Slavery was legal in the new Republic of Texas.


Fuck this shit.

We feel at ease.

I hate my neighbor.


I'm really sorry about what happened.

Go easy on Bob. You know, he's been going though a rough period recently.

The giraffe cannot swim because its centre of gravity is so high that it would topple over.


I am awkward with numbers.


President Jefferson did not want the trade ban to last long.


He purposed writing something for the paper.

When are you going to pay me back the money I lent you?

I don't translate for you!


Tahsin probably didn't even know about it.

We sometimes meet them.

Douglas is shorter than average.

My wife is a seamstress.

It's a pity that Charley can't come.

I'm an educated person.

It skyrocketed.

You have no right to take it away from Tuna.

Maybe Jayesh didn't do what everyone says he did.

Barbara! How nice to see you again!

I'm supposed to be at school today.

Would you lend me that book?

There is a village about three kilometers up the river from here.


This is harder than I expected.


What were your teachers like?

I waited for an hour, but he didn't show up.

Are those my slippers?

I'm going to buy some bread.

He is aggressive.


He muttered a curse.

I was just trying to be nice.

Sumitro gave an apple to Pam.


She has a strong wish to work as an interpreter.


The typhoon made that difficult.

Algeria deserves trust and support.

It is best that he should do his duty.

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She didn't get caught.


I'm going to have my eyes examined.

I don't yet know what we're supposed to do.

Their numbers are dwindling.

How likely is it that two people have the same birthday?

I like showy clothes.


I'll stay with Phil until you get back.

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Is Brigitte your friend?

This is one of the greatest mysteries in all of science.

The soldiers obeyed their commander without question.

It's a minute to three o'clock.

Can you tell me what's going on?

I can't run as fast.

I leaned forward, eager to catch every word he spoke.

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

The movie we saw last night was in French with English subtitles.

Politics is the drilling of very thick planks.

I am glad to hear that we were not seriously hurt.

They hate him because he gives them a mountain of homework.

But I slept right through the class. Don't you ever sleep through an eight-thirty class?

Mott was later absolved.

Why is it blue and white?

This bicycle belongs to me.

Sandra likes Mexican food.

Patricia has money, but I don't.

I got something nice for you.

I am surprised to see you here in this hotel.

You were really helpful.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Do you have a toothache?

Is she passing kidney stones in her urine?

The hole in his sock is so big that you can see his ankle.

Satan's ghost awakes.


The couple has been falling out over what TV program to watch for over a week.


I think she is the kindest woman on earth.


I'd like to return these pants because they're too big for me.

The boy read a book about pirates.

Having lived in the town, I'm not a stranger there.


Anne began to investigate.

You and I go way back.

Did you find out who did it?

There are some things that are difficult to translate.

Kelvin was the one who brought you these flowers.


It's a challenge.

The dog has lapped up the milk.

I would like to see how much time went by between the orders.

Torsten tried to sing the song Jeffie requested.

Come to that, I'd like to do some shopping too.

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I wish I had never been born.

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I'm glad I was able to meet you yesterday.

The boy has four rabbits, two male and two female ones.

During warm weather, sweating helps man regulate his body temperature.

Leave your umbrella at the front door.

Peggy pulled Oleg into the kitchen.

I will eat delicious ducks.

I'm also dating someone from the office.


I want to study math.

Kaleidoscopic prints saturate my blank mind, creating vital memories and burning thoughts.

I was really shocked.


We have a big problem.

He recently had the bad luck to incur his boss' wrath and got sent out to work in the boondocks.

When are you planning on getting married?

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I was going to call her.

Could you help me translate this into French?

Now money begins to end, now it ends to begin.

Cathryn heard nothing.

Now you're safe.

Hienz and Jitendra entered the classroom at the same time.

Carole got a little bit of pie.

Make sure Carolyn stays in bed.

You've got something on your face.

That's not a horse, it's a donkey.

It's no use trying to persuade Jeff.

I'd like to talk to him myself.

Luckily, both of the drivers were wearing seat belts.

There are two motorcycles at the gate of the park.

I'm only here to help Emil.

Someone told me that I couldn't park there.

The crowd watched the fire from a safe distance.

Do you have any plans right now?

Was Robin happy you gave Heinz the job?

He didn't do that out of meanness, but rather out of absent-mindedness.

Horst started earlier than I did.

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Dan is a symbol of freedom.

I was thirteen when I wrote that.

I owe it to my mother that I was able to overcome my difficulties.

I'm old enough to make my own decisions.

My father's mother is my grandma.

It was a nice break.

I could not but feel disappointed at hearing the news.

Keep a low profile.

I'm surprised that she did such a thing.

We understand golf.

The name of the playwright character in the game MARDEK 3, Akhmed Wobblescimitare, is an obvious pun on William Shakespeare, and I find it pretty amusing.

Am I the only one who thinks it's a bad idea to buy Malcolm's old car?

They broke out into spontaneous laughter.

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You're really not supposed to be here.

Lenora is studying in his room.

You can build anything with Legos.

Pay at the cash register.

I don't care where Monty goes.

Dan crashed into a tree.

Turn left at the next corner, and you'll find the station.

It took Kim a long time to find Al's house.

It didn't seem to matter.

Someone will remember to do that, I'm sure.

How could it have happened?

That's how it was.

What's Darrell rambling on about?


Many people identified with her.

Yaaaawn... I'm going to bed.

Information sometimes varies dramatically according to format: my news feed truncated the last word of the headline "Ex-boyfriend backs Cain accuser".

We have snow on the mountain all the year round.

Did you buy these for them?

The hunter explored the appearance of the sky.

What are we paying for?

Rabin doesn't think Fay can live without him.

Jerrie was gunned down in front of the restaurant that he owned.


You have a bright future.

Samuel kicked the ball into the goal.

The end justifies the means.