Blood ran from the wound.

Ozan looks frightened.

That's what I've been doing.


Why is Joshua making us wait so long?

I found him lying on the bed.

I forgot what someone who studies caves is called.

Pyrrhus came into Italy with a great army and many elephants.

He might be our new teacher.


I was expecting a tougher game.

He doesn't shave his legs.

The floor is very cold.

Sho shut the trunk.

I don't think his story is true.


I spent Monday with them.

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At this trial, the judge is very respected.

He mastered English easily.

As human beings are social animals, friendship is an essential part of life.

This is a very important meeting.

The politician had sticky fingers, and 5% of every contract ended in his pocket.

Mitchell has to speak French every day at work.

You can put your talents to good use if you become a designer.

Did Henry ever ask about me?

For once, Sue came to the meeting on time.


A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.


I've promised Larry I wouldn't do that anymore.

She died yesterday.

You should probably buy a ticket for Nicolas, too.

I want to go with you.

I hope we don't get into trouble.


Notaries are involved in the drawing up of notarial deeds and sealed envelope deeds.


I'll bet that I can beat you to the tree.

I just don't believe it.

I didn't fall asleep.

Lucius let the cat out of the bag when he accidentally told his mother about the surprise party being planned for her.

I've got nothing to say.

Ami came to school very late today.

How did you get that nickname?

I'm afraid we can't help you.

Why would anybody kidnap Pandora?

He cannot have completed the work by himself.

I told him to work hard or he would fail.

She has very long and beautiful hair.

I tore my jacket on a nail.

Sing a song in your language, please!

He won't turn up tonight.

His abilities were very great and various.

This is the house in which he lives.


I want you arrested.


Why are you telling me all of this?


Let's open the window.

That may not be true.

Ro wanted to buy Nate something nice for her birthday.

Come on, guys, let's hurry.

The country must be very beautiful.

Will was crushed to death.

Deirdre became aware of a brand new world.

Duct tape fixes everything.

I have a date tonight.

What else do you want from me?

You handled that problem quite well.

A bottle of the wine was left.

I'd like to make myself useful.

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Those were his actual words.


Honestly, I don't believe it's a matter of plagiarism.

Jeannie's hair was bluer than her eyes.

You've got the wrong idea.

She is a member of this organization.

He'll be able to get the work going.

It being hard to believe, after allegedly trying to go back to repeatedly inspiring fear using rag-tag groups of suspicious-looking clowns, despite resistance.

Marion looked at me triumphantly and said, "Check and mate."

The big promotion of that company's stock was just a cover-up to hide their impending bankruptcy.

He who makes the mistake bears the consequences.

Sunil complained to the teacher.

Jay likes decorating cakes.

Sentences referring to sexual matters tend to be considered vulgar on Tatoeba.

Pratapwant has to get back to work.

He says he is above failure.

What are our options here?

I went to the station to see my friend off.

Byron made the same mistake again.

You've got nothing.

The cold wind is blowing from the sea.

How's it going to happen?

I know that it is highly unlikely that anyone knows me.

Did Earl ever say anything to you about what happened?

Greg is currently working on that problem.

That's shit!

I like to play the piano.

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He nodded in response to my question.

Your blood pressure's low.

It will do you good to live in the country.

It's dirty work.

I have a fondness for sweets.

What colour was List wearing?

I didn't invite them.


An open discussion with an atheist took place recently in a mosque in Kahir.


We all need help from time to time.


They deserve it.

Children often do stupid things.

He has a slightly foreign appearance.

I've finalized my work.

I shall be learning to like this bitter life.


They're using you.

I doubt if Bob will come on time.

Warren is right this time.

Dirk delivered the eulogy.

He really got to me.

Why do you look so sad?

Elaine is taller than you.

It was Marie Curie who discovered radium.

Dan was going to stay up all night long.


Tomorrow's a holiday.

I should've known that you wouldn't be willing to go there by yourself.

We are just trying to help you.

I think you should do this on your own.

This proposition is demonstratively false.

Martin punched Ethan in the face.

You're not in his league.


Harry likes listening to the radio when he's driving.

The flowers are already out of bloom.

I do plainly and ingenuously confess that I am guilty of corruption, and do renounce all defense. I beseech your Lordships to be merciful to a broken reed.

I believe in miracles.

I'll be seeing Sridhar later this afternoon.

Health is an important factor of happiness.

The girl I told you about lives in Kyoto.

Glenn did not want to throw anything away.

Our first class is math.

I decided not to go.

The supermarket opens at ten o'clock.


The Cold War also affected the Middle East.


I could almost cry.

I only believe half of what I read on the internet.

I think Adrian will follow your advice.


I want a cup of coffee, please.


That's why I wasn't able to arrive yesterday.


Don't cause a scene now.

You might not want to do that.

I don't have the slightest idea what is considered so great about Boston.

The doctor told me that I would recover soon.

He's playing with my cat.

Happiness is a flower that must not be picked.

How may we help?


How do you think Marvin survived?

Ted said his house had been broken into.

Can we talk to you for a moment?

Don't let him close the door.

He has a master's degree in mathematics.

I didn't want to spend my whole life there.

I cannot receive letters. I don't have an address.


Aimee never thought that Neil would commit suicide.


We've got to get back to Boston as soon as we can.


Despite having studied proofs of evolution, some people have clung to traditional doctrines grounded more in mythology than in science.

That is how he got out of danger.

Let her stay there.


You can work around that.

He was a very kind man, but his verbosity was exasperating.

It was probably stolen.


We should go get something to eat.

What I need is a little more money.

I heard some reggae music playing in the distance.

I'm trying to clean the house.

Ravi spends a lot of time on the phone.

Lewis abandoned his children.

I'm really rich, I assure you that.

Barry smiled when he saw me.

What is Mallaidh doing?

I helped my father with the work.

Be kind to others!