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You've got problems.

I don't want you to date Calvin.

I recognized him immediately since we had previously met.

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I had a really wonderful time at Bertrand's house.

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Could you give me change out of a hundred-dollar bill?


Be careful not to spill your beer.

The United States is the country that enlightens the world with its ideals of freedom. Political assassinations, military coups, invasions, bombings and torture are all undertaken by the United States in order to make the world a better place.

Which do you prefer, apples or bananas?

Cash or charge?

How about staying with us for a few days?

Anything else (to order)?

I'll keep this short and to the point, for a change.


I wish I had thought of this before.


Why didn't Vernon just stay in Boston?


The road ran straight for several miles.

Give them all of it.

She always got out of washing-up.

Diane was harboring a fugitive.

Cynthia will tell me everything.

This must be his umbrella.

My stomach feels heavy.

I am fortunate compared with him.

No matter how good you are, there will always be people who are better than you.

Cornelius Gurlitt had hidden 1400 works of art stolen by the Nazis in his apartment.

That doesn't sound like them.

No, Laurie isn't fat.

He banged the door in anger.

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It's wrong to lie.


His work separates him from his wife.

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You shouldn't go to work.

There's no time to tell you everything.

Mann knows we believe him.

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We credit Peary with having discovered the North Pole.

Our teacher gives out a lot of homework.

He comes to see me once in a while.

It costs twenty euros.

Don't even think it.

Let's party like it's 1999.

I am going to take a swig of beer.


Thousands of people rushed to Nome.

Whatever you say about me, say it to my face, not behind my back.

Nicolo refused to give them the information they wanted.


That isn't the plan.

You didn't tell the story very well.

The education in that institute is simply pathetic.

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I figured I could trust Lance.


Wait until I'm done eating.

We have no school today.

I avoid discussing personal subjects with my boss.

Be relaxed and put the other person at ease.

My boss took me to task for the poor quality of my work.

It's heavy, but I can manage it.

This soup needs just a touch of salt.


I didn't hurt him.

I still need to mow the lawn.

I work not so much for money as for the work itself.

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This cap is too small. Please show me another.


I'm overworked.


They weren't doing anything wrong.

Laurel is just buying time.

In my article, I referred to your book a great deal.

Do you think you can do that without any help?

My father is too old to work.


You don't know what to do, do you?

What web browser do you like the most?

With the Android version of Tatoeba, we'll be able to translate Flaubert while making love, opening the path to so far unexplored levels of pleasure.


It's happened to us all before.

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I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

The leisure industry is sinking more money into new resorts.

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I think she won't come.


I went to Murph's house.

The supervisor bought a really powerful machine.

It's not at all easy.

Don't mess with fire.

Excuse me for a minute.

I won't have time for that tomorrow.

Tips are not accepted.


Much confusion ensued following this news report.


Where should I throw away this empty cup?

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I'm remembering when we were kids.


Shall I pour some beer for you?

I will employ somebody who can speak English.

The boy bent back to look up at his father's face.

Language has, at the same time as being method of expressing one's thoughts, the side of being something used to think with.

Where are all the good men?


There must be a reason that Turkeer isn't here.

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He's wild in bed.

I told her I was interested.

Do you think Jesse wants to go by himself?

This technical journal is above me.

Listen, all of you.

Heinz has a lean body.

We have some decisions to make.

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Don't let them shut this door.

Facebook is boring.

"Do not talk like that, dear child," replied the lady.

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There was a savour of bitterness in her voice.

I don't know if I have enough time or not.

Susumu died early Monday.

It's so slow.

That may not be a problem.


Taking everything into consideration, he bought the car.

My brother's football team won a tournament yesterday.

It's like it never happened.


A white cloud is floating in the blue summer sky.

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I know that there will be a lot of good food at the picnic.

The names of the players are written on their lockers.

I was bored and I fell asleep.


Stop telling those filthy stories.


It's not an easy job.

He makes a good volleyball player because he can jump high and spike the ball.

Every rule has exceptions.

The president granted a general pardon.

If you leave it to him, it'll be all right.

He makes it a rule to read aloud every day.

Luis said he'd rather not go with us.

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What is she still doing upstairs?

The teacher lined the children up in order of height.

I knew they would suspect Dorothy.

That is a criminal offense, and you will surely be punished!

He had a hard time making himself understood at the meeting.

You are a hopeless idiot.

I went shopping with a friend.

I'll be at home tomorrow.

I'm in a fricking nightclub, dude!

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There is no rest for the wicked.


The job offer still stands.

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Here's how we're going to win.

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He accelerated.

I have to tell you something.

You won't believe what happened to me today.

What exactly are his credentials ?

The paint on the door is not dry yet.

The book attracted her attention.

Old used to be irresponsible.

Raymond found the book Pieter had given him quite boring.

I want to close my account.

There's no water in the pool.

Then Gerda kissed his cheeks, and they became blooming; and she kissed his eyes, and they shone like her own; she kissed his hands and his feet, and then he became quite healthy and cheerful.

He should have arrived by this time.



I know what Stephen likes to eat.

Is it really possible to do a brain transplant?

Theodore lacks confidence in himself.

Danielle took a bite.

You were the one who told me it was safe here.


He fashioned a walking stick from a fallen branch.

You made mistakes.

I suspect they water down the beer in that pub.


The family is sitting in a happy circle around the dining table.

He sang Simon and Garfunkel songs.

Adrian stood in front of department store, waiting for it to open.

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All the world wishes to have peace.